strong pipeline

Focusing on difficult-to-develop generic drugs and leveraging its well-experienced R&D team, Lotus has a strong R&D pipeline for the markets with great potentials worldwide, including the US, APAC, and China.

Development Projects

Pipeline overview

Compound Therapeutic Area Timeline Regional Scope
Acarbose Antidiabetic 2011 Submission China
AK-R214 (SR) Smoking Cessation 2017 Clinical Trial Korea
AK-R215 Osteoporosis 2017 BE Study Korea
AK-R308 Osteoporosis 2017 BE Study Korea
AK-R310 Flu 2017 BE Study Korea
Budesonide ER GI 2015 Submission, Sued US
Buprenorphine/Naloxone Anti-Addiction 2015 Submission, Sued US
Divalproex sodium Anti-Epilepsy 2008 Submission China
Gefitinib Oncology 2017 Submission EU
Gefitinib Oncology 2017 BE Study US
Lenalidomide Oncology 2017 Submission Global
Levetiracetam Anti-Epilepsy 2012 Submission China
Levonorgestrel Women Health 2010 Submission China
LP 083 Women Health 2017 Launch Japan
LP 149 Women Health 2018 Submission Global
LP 175 Oncology 2017 Formulation EU,US
LP 653 Oncology 2017 Formulation EU,APAC
Memantine Anti-Dementia 2013 Submission China
Methotrexate Oncology 2017 Launch US
Raloxifene/Vit D3 Osteoporosis 2017 Submission Korea
Rosuvastatin/Amlodipine CVS 2017 Out Licensed Korea
Temozolomide Oncology 2013 Submission China
Vinorelbine softgel capsule Oncology 2017 Submission EU