Board of directors

Lotus’s Board of Directors consists of nine distinguished members with an exceptional knowledge and experience in the related fields. Three out of nine directors are independent directors and perform their duties in accordance with Lotus’s Articles of Incorporation and relevant bylaws to protect the interests of Lotus’s shareholders.

The Board of Directors supervises the Company’s operation and compliance with relevant laws and regulations as well as provides guidance to the Company’s management team to achieve the long term interests for shareholders. The Board of Directors is also responsible for evaluating the management team’s performance and ensuring the management team running the business operations in a disciplined and prudent way.

Andrew Lin

Chairman of the board of directors 

Petar Vazharov

Vice Chairman

Arni Hardarson

Board of Director

Thor Kristjansson

Board of Directors

Benjamin Ku

Independent Director

Robert Wessman

Board of Directors

Hjorleifur Palsson

Independent Director

Han-Fei Lin

Independent Director

Kevin Bain

Board of Directors