About Lotus

Lotus is now a fast growing specialty generic company in Asia. Our business model ensures competitive advantage through focused in-house capabilities and a network of partners for enhanced speed and flexibility. The company boasts a best in class R&D and manufacturing platform across Taiwan and Korea. Further, Lotus can reach nearly every global market with its high value pipeline through the companys direct markets, relationship with Alvogens commercial units spanning over 30 countries, and through alliances with top-tier pharma companies.

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Targeted portfolio

Lotus produces and promotes a unique portfolio of high quality and difficult-to-make pharmaceutical products fueling our growth. Lotus has more than 100 strategically selected pharmaceutical projects in development and registrations across Asia and the US and has more than 250 products in the market.

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Alvogen Partnership

Boundless Opportunities

Lotus started a new phase of growth in 2014 when Alvogen became the majority shareholder and chose Taiwan as its Regional Asian Headquarters. Through Alvogen, Lotus will gain a sales and marketing network in more than 30 countries for boundless opportunities.

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Leadership team

Lotus’s leadership team is dedicated to fostering a dynamic change-driven culture committed to meeting the needs of our customers and growing our business.

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