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Founded in 1966, Lotus is a generic company headquartered in Taiwan with high-value generic products covering CNS, CVS, oncology, women health, and anti-obesity drugs in tablets & hard/softgel capsule for global markets. It became an Alvogen Company in 2014. The primary focus of Lotus is on addressing the fast-growing oncology market. By aligning the company’s internal development and manufacturing capabilities, Lotus aims to benefit patients, its employees and shareholders alike. The company boasts a best in class R&D and manufacturing platform across Taiwan and Korea. Further, Lotus can reach nearly every global market with its high value pipeline through the company’s direct markets, relationship with Alvogen’s commercial units spanning over 30 countries, and through alliances with top-tier pharma companies.  

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Broad range of countries

Being the regional hub in Asia Pacific of Alvogen, Lotus’ international footprints currently encompass a broad range of countries including Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong,China, through its own and Alvogen’s affiliates, with headquarters in Taiwan. Lotus has manufacturing and R&D hubs in Taiwan and Korea.

Operations in Asia

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Lotus is led by a globally experienced management team. With support from Alvogen, Lotus management is poised to lead Lotus to become a leading generic company among the top 5 in Asia.


Alvogen Partnership 

Alvogen currently has commercial operations in 35 countries around the globe, with regional hubs based in North America, Romania, and Taiwan, and is ready well advanced in the field of biopharmaceuticals and currently markets several biosimilars in selected regions through strategic alliances. Over US$500 million are being invested in the development of monoclonal antibodies and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, and the team is committed to continuing to grow our business around the world and to becoming a top 10 global generic pharmaceuticals player. 

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Among the top 5 in Asia

Our passionate team is committed to continue to grow our business and we aim to become a leading generic company among the top 5 in Asia.


Lotus has operations in 10 countries within Asian region through its own and Alvogen’s affiliates, with manufacturing and R&D capabilities in Taiwan and Korea.

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Operations in Asia