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Company Overview

Founded in 1966, Lotus (1795: TT) is international pharmaceutical company with global presence, focused on commercializing novel and generic pharmaceuticals, offering patients better, safe and more accessible medicines. The Company has a recognized best-in-class R&D and manufacturing platform in Asia and has established partnerships in nearly every global market including the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, and Brazil. Lotus runs over 100 strategically selected pharmaceutical projects in development and registrations across Asia and the US, with over 250 commercial products. The Company invests in diversified best portfolio consisting of high-barrier oncology, complex generics as well as 505(b)2 and NCE via internal R&D investment and licensing-in partnership, and also strengthens its portfolio competitiveness by adding biosimilar products with support from strategic partners. Its industry-leading infrastructure certified by most of the advanced regulatory authorities around the world, including US FDA, EU EMA, Japan PMDA, China FDA, and Brazil ANVISA.


  • 100+
    Development projects
  • 250+
    marketed products
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A Preferred Partner

Asia pacific footprints

Diversified Markets Access

Headquartered in Taiwan, Lotus's regional footprints currently encompass a broad range of countries including Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and Japan through its own operations. The Company also covers Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh by partnering with local leaders.

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Leadership Team with Proven Track Record

Lotus’s leadership team is dedicated to fostering a dynamic change-driven culture committed to meeting the needs of all stakeholders and becoming a leading pharma company among the top 5 in Asia.