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Alvogen Korea held a meeting with the Iceland Minister of Culture and Business Affairs during her visit to Korea

30 November 2022
  • Meeting with the Iceland Minister of Culture and Business Affairs during her visit to Korea to commemorate the 60th diplomatic anniversary of Korea - Iceland
  • Icelandic company Kerecis and Korean partner Alvogen will continue to strengthen the business model through the wound dressing, ”Kerecis”

Lilja Alfredsdottir, the Icelandic Minister of Culture and Business Affairs, visited Alvogen Korea on the afternoon of November 23, during his visit Korea to mark the 60th diplomatic anniversary of Korea-Iceland.

The Minister Lilja Alfredsdottir visited Korea for three days from November 22 to 24 as the head of 10 economic delegations from the cultural industry. Following the meetings with ministries in Korea to expand future economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, a meeting with Alvogen Korea was also held.

Lilja Alfredsdottir visited Alvogen Korea as Alvogen is a Korean partner for Kerecis OMEGA3 WOUND, a wound dressing manufactured and exported by KERECIS (the global pharmaceutical company in Iceland).

The economic delegation, including the Minister Alfredsdottir, visited Alvogen Korea and had a meeting with company executives, including Country Manager Justin. The meeting was held to strengthen strategic partnership for the expansion and progress of the domestic dermal replacement market in the future, taking this opportunity. During the meeting, the delegation and the management from Alvogen Korea looked around the office together in a good mood.

“Thanks to the advanced product technology of Icelandic company Kerecis, we were able to open a new chapter in wound care in Korea, and we are delighted to work as the Korean partner of Kerecis. We hope we could strengthen our business model for the growth through active exchanges between the two countries and the two companies in the future.” said Alvogen Korea Country Manager Justin.

As ‘Kerecis (a wound dressing)” is made of acellular fish skin, it is evaluated as an advanced wound dressing in the form of collagen similar to the actual dermis, with little loss of biosynthetic compounds such as omega-3. Recently, the ‘Kerecis Symposium” was successfully held in Busan, Korea. It was considered as a forum to share the latest treatment knowledge applicable to burns and acute/chronic treatment.