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Alvogen Korea ISO37001 (ANTI-BRIBERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) certification renewal

29 December 2022

Alvogen Korea renewed the certification of ISO37001, an international standard for ANTI-BRIBERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(ABMS) conducted by the Korea Compliance Certification Assurance (KCCA).

ISO37001 conducts follow-up audits every year after initial certification, and conducts renewal audits every three years to check the details of activities related to anti-bribery management, its effects, and suitability.

Alvogen Korea obtained ISO37001 certification in February 2020, the shortest period of time among institutions that promoted certification in Korea, maintained its status through the first and second follow-up audits in February 2021 and 2022 and renewal audits in December 2022 respectively.

In this renewal audits, an in-depth review similar to the initial certification was conducted through the check of the internal review process and internal management process, and the interviews with the department in charge and relevant departments (including headquarters, factories, and sales offices nationwide).

As a result of the renewal audits, Alvogen Korea received high praise for well-operated anti-bribery management system with systematic and effective manner compared to other companies. Alvogen Korea is operated by combining the CEO and all executives and employees' strong will to practice anti-bribery, continuous updates of anti-bribery manuals, and existing systematic system and anti-bribery management system as a global company.