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By donation of Acamprosate, Lotus to help alcoholism patients back to normal life

24 August 2020

Lotus Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (“Lotus” or “the Company”, Taiwan TWSE ticker: 1795) today announced that, invited by Taiwanese Society of Addiction, the Company has donated drugs for alcohol dependence to 10 assigned psychiatric centers. The drugs could provide 3-month treatment for alcoholism, which may give in need help to at least one hundred economically disadvantaged patients.

According to Taiwanese Society of Addiction, there is no extra subsidy for alcoholism drugs from government. Alcohol dependence patients must pay all the expenses by themselves during treatment. However, such expenses may be a huge burden to underprivileged minorities.

Therefore, honored and invited by Taiwanese Society of Addiction, Lotus is more than happy to take the responsibility to take care those economically disadvantaged patients. The Company has donated Acamprosate for 3-month treatment to 10 psychiatric centers which assigned to treat alcoholism patients in Taiwan. Acamprosate blocks certain neurotransmitter receptors while activating others, restoring biochemical stability and reducing cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. It is also effective at maintaining abstinence than reducing alcohol intake. Moreover, it is not metabolized in the liver. Acamprosate is recommended by both American Psychiatric Association and World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry.

Lotus dedicates itself to high-value and affordable drugs for global patients, not only for sales and profits, but also for CSR practice. Lotus sees various addiction problems nowadays, and then makes efforts to seek possible solutions for patients worldwide. Providing generic buprenorphine/naloxone sublingual film, indicated for treatment of opioid dependence, to US market, is a successful example to help the society with a solution to addiction problem.

To alcoholism patients in Taiwan, Lotus is honored to get this chance to help economically disadvantaged patients. By donation of Acamprosate, the Company hopes patients can concentrate on their treatment without worries economically and become healthier, which then further lower the potential harm to personal health and social security resulted from alcohol dependence.