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Lotus Donates One Million Dollars to Support Turkey and Syria Earthquake Victims

15 February 2023

Taipei, Taiwan, 15 February 2023 -- Lotus announced today that it donated NT$1,000,000 through The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan to communities affected by the earthquakes.

As a member of the pharmaceutical industry, Lotus believes it is a part of its responsibility to help the people in need. The company decided to take action to help the people suffering from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, in particular those who are made homeless in the cold winter weather without necessary medicine and other supplies. Lotus also intends to follow up this donation with further fundraising activities among its employees globally. Whatever amount of donation contributed by the employees, the company will double up the contribution with the same amount. 

Petar Vazharov, CEO of Lotus Pharma said: “We experience also strong earthquakes often in Taiwan. Many of our employees and their families suffered during the 921 earthquakes in Taiwan back in 1999. We understand meaning of suffering and in need. Many people around the world helped us then. We too now are doing whatever small part we can to show our thoughts and prayers are with those are going through hardship and losses in Turkey and Syria.”