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Lotus received an APEA award as one of the best companies honoring innovation and sustainability

04 October 2019

Lotus pharmaceutical received Asia Pacific Enterprise Award (APEA) from Enterprise Asia on October 4th in Taipei as one of the 8 best companies honoring innovation and sustainability. APEA is not only the most recognized enterprise award in the region, but also a networking platform for outstanding business leaders to ​exchange thoughts on expansion and sustainable development.  

This year, under the theme of “promoting inclusive economic development through sustainable entrepreneurship”, 8 companies were selected as winners of the corporate excellence category representing its respective industry. The Vice Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan, Mei Hua Wang, was invited to launch the ceremony and she echoed the theme by saying that “innovation and sustainability have been the 2 main pillars of the government and MOEA when laying out our economic strategies and fostering enterprises”. Minister Wang also said that she is happy to see the winners at this event.

Strategies and Finance VP, Bjartur Shen, received the award for Lotus. He said that he has been with a team of entrepreneurs and together the team has transformed 3 local companies to global enterprises. “Lotus being the third”, he said, “In Taiwan, people always say that dedicate yourself and you will win. Our team at Alvogen has fully experienced that spirit through our 5 years in Taiwan and together we know that Lotus will be the key global supplier of accessible, high-quality pharmaceutical products made in Taiwan. This award goes to all our Lotus employees.”