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Lotus appoints Renaat Janssen as CEO of Lotus

29 September 2014

Renaat Janssen has been appointed as CEO of Lotus. Renaat Janssen has an outstanding track record in the pharmaceutical industry, after holding senior executive positions with large pharmaceutical companies.

Renaat Janssen has been living and working in different countries in the region since 2002. As such, he brings over 12 years of experience in the Asian pharmaceutical industry, after working as Executive Director at PPD, Global COO at Besins Healthcare and in various senior management positions at Pharmalink/Invida, including Vice President of Primary Care Asia Pacific and General Manager for North Asia.

“Renaat has an outstanding leadership background, brings valuable experience to our expansion plans in Asia, and will play a critical role in the success of our organization. He will lead the consolidation of acquired businesses in the region and join a strong regional management team,” said Charles Lin, Chairman of Lotus.