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Robert Wessman visits Lotus Taiwan

08 June 2015

Robert Wessman, Chairman and CEO of Alvogen, visited Taiwan in May as part of his regular business review meetings. This was also a good opportunity for him to meet some major government officials in Taiwan, including Mr. Kuo-Tung Liao, the Legislator and Secretary-General of the Ruling Party at the Legislative Yuan, and Mr. Chen-Chung Deng, the Minister of Economic Affairs.

Since Alvogen is the first foreign investor to acquire a majority stake in a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company, Mr. Liao and Mr. Deng were highly appreciative of Robert’s visit, as well as his views and strong commitment to pharmaceutical development in the region.

Alvogen acquired Lotus in 2013 and this subsidiary is now an umbrella for Alvogen’s commercial operations in the APAC region, which now covers over 11 markets. One of Alvogen’s goals is to build up a regional hub for further expansion in the region, which is in line with Taiwan’s government policies, since both Mr. Liao and Mr. Deng have promised to facilitate these efforts by jointly developing a comprehensive program to boost Alvogen Group’s evolution in Taiwan and the region as a whole.

During his stay, Robert also stopped off to visit the Taipei Exchange, where Lotus is listed in Taiwan. Mr. Soushan Wu, the Chairman of the Taipei Exchange, greatly appreciated Robert’s visit and praised Alvogen’s investment in Lotus and the manner in which it has managed to so successfully elevate the local company to an international platform. 

Lotus employees described Robert’s visit as both stimulating and inspiring.  As a member of the Alvogen family, Lotus Taiwan aims to become one of the top leading generic pharmaceutical players in the APAC region and it is destined to play an increasingly important role in the group.