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Lotus Pharmaceutical Collaborates with Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development Agency to Boost Talent Training in Taiwan's Pharmaceutical Sector

27 September 2023

*Taipei, Taiwan, September 27, 2023* -- Leading multinational pharmaceutical company, Lotus Pharmaceutical (1795:TT; "Lotus"), is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Workforce Development Agency, Taipei-Keelung-Yilan-Hualien-Kinmen-Matsu Regional Branch, Ministry of Labor (referred to as "WDA"), in the form of a "Memorandum of Understanding for Biopharmaceutical Industry Talent Development." This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the joint effort to enhance talent training and development within Taiwan's thriving pharmaceutical industry.

Taiwan's pharmaceutical sector holds a pivotal role within the nation's 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan and is one of the six core strategic industries, garnering substantial support and investment from various government bodies. In pursuit of cultivating talent within this field, the Ministry of Labor, in partnership with key stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and research sectors, established the "Biopharmaceutical Industry Talent Training Centers" in 2017. Lotus Pharmaceutical has been actively engaged with these centers for several years, deploying seasoned experts from its ranks as industry mentors to bridge the gap between theory and real-world practice, thereby sharing their wealth of knowledge with budding young talents. The outcomes of this collaboration have been impressive, with training participants seamlessly integrating into the Lotus team.

Lotus Pharmaceutical's signing of the "Memorandum of Understanding for Biopharmaceutical Industry Talent Development Cooperation" with WDA underlines the company's steadfast commitment to nurturing talent within the pharmaceutical domain. This initiative is poised to cultivate a new generation of highly skilled pharmaceutical professionals in Taiwan.

Bjartur Shen, Vice President of Strategies and Finance at Lotus Pharmaceuticals, commented, "As a global player in the pharmaceutical sector, Lotus continues to experience year-on-year growth, emphasizing the importance of welcoming diverse talent into our organization. Through our partnership with WDA, Lotus will further expand its contributions to pharmaceutical talent development. This mutually beneficial exchange will not only introduce fresh talent into Lotus but also make substantial contributions to the development of industry professionals. From Taiwan to the global stage, our objective is to provide high-quality and affordable medications to patients worldwide."

In recent years, Lotus has successfully evolved from being a domestic firm specializing in the production of challenging-to-make generic drugs into a global pharmaceutical platform with a diverse product portfolio encompassing generics, branded drugs, New Chemical Entities (NCEs), 505(b)(2) products, and other intricate and innovative pharmaceuticals. Lotus remains steadfast in offering competitive compensation packages, comprehensive educational opportunities, and training programs while actively fostering an inclusive and culturally diverse workplace.


About Lotus

Founded in 1966, Lotus (1795: TT) is an international pharmaceutical company with global presence, focused on commercializing novel and generic pharmaceuticals, offering patients better, safe and more accessible medicines. The Company has a recognized best-in-class R&D and manufacturing platform in Asia and has established partnerships in nearly every global market including the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, and Brazil. Lotus runs over 100 strategically selected pharmaceutical projects in development and registrations across Asia and the US, with over 250 commercial products. The Company invests in diversified best portfolio consisting of high-barrier oncology, complex generics as well as 505(b)2 and NCE via internal R&D investment and licensing-in partnership, and also strengthens its portfolio competitiveness by adding biosimilar products with support from strategic partners. Its industry-leading infrastructure certified by most of the advanced regulatory authorities around the world, including US FDA, EU EMA, Japan PMDA, China FDA, and Brazil ANVISA. 



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