Targeted Portfolio

Lotus produces and promotes a unique portfolio of high quality and difficult-to-make pharmaceutical products fueling our growth. Lotus has more than 100 strategically selected pharmaceutical projects in development and registrations across Asia and the US and has more than 250 products in the market. Our product portfolio focuses on high growth difficult-to-make generics in the fields of oncology, cardiology, nephrology and central nervous system disease. We offer high quality and affordable generic medications that help reduce healthcare costs around the world. 

Lotus also sells and markets a growing portfolio of OTC (over-the-counter) medicines and will be promoting its partner, sister company of Alvogen, Alvotech's  biosimilar products in Asian markets once approved.

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Cancer and tumor medicine

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Why collaborate with us?

We can offer you access to our expertise in research and development, regulatory management and marketing. By collaborating with Lotus, you gain access to a global marketing network in 10 countries in Asia and over 30 countries worldwide supported by Alvogen, the majority shareholder of Lotus. Our approach to collaborations is that we aim to foster long-term business relationships. 

We welcome your ideas and encourage you to get to know us better. We have a history of many successful collaborations that have enabled us to grow our business and deliver value to our customers and partners around the world.