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Meet our chairman

Meet Róbert Wessman

Róbert Wessman, an Icelandic man who saved a nearly crashed American shipping company at his 30s, led a small American drug company to a leading force in the generic pharmaceutical industry at his 40s, and founded a generic and a biosimilar companies in the US and Iceland, moved his career pace to the whole world at his 50s.

Róbert Wessman‘s business plan for Alvogen was originally scribbled on a napkin in a New York restaurant back in 2009 in the middle of one of the worst financial crises in history when access to capital was virtually non-existent. Undaunted by the obstacles and always keen to challenge the status quo, he went on to build a company that now exceeds 1 billion dollars in sales worldwide.

This successful and outstanding Icelander, Róbert Wessman, chose Taiwan’s Lotus as his key pivot driver to expand APAC markets in his career development. For he knows and appreciates, as born from an island country as Icelanders, in Taiwanese natural-born bloods, share the same ambition and courage like him, always be ready to face and conquer the markets globally!

Meet Róbert Wessman

Our Chairman in Brief

Roles and Status

Chairman of Lotus, Taiwan.

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Alvogen, US.

Founder and Chairman of global biosimilar company, Alvotech, Iceland.


The Best CEO in the Pharmaceutical Industry (2018 European CEO Awards)

The Leader of the Year (2018 Global Generics & Biosimilars Awards)

Education and Leisure Activities

Degree in Business Studies and former lecturer at the University of Iceland.

Sports, art and very passionate about good wine.